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updo hairstyle ideas | Hairstyle Ideas

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updo hairstyle ideas
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updo hairstyle ideas
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Wedding Hairstyle

Marriage is that special day where every bride wants to feel special. Everything needs to be pinch perfect, from head to toe. Hairstyle is one of the most important elements of a bride´s overall get up. And what best than a classic bridal updo hairstyle?

Wedding day updo hairstyles for brides can be done in a variety of ways. From French twist to messy bun to half up half down, there are multiple fancy hairdos that can be applied on the hair, depending on the shape of the face of the bride.

Though there are so many different bridal hairstyles, the classic and most popular is the one that has a kind of French bun at the back of the scalp. For creating that perfect updo bridal hairstyle, the following steps should be followed:

1. The hair should be combed or brushed from the forehead and gathered at the nape. Some locks of hair should be left at the front, to be worked on later. The hair should be held towards the left, as if to put in a ponytail. The hair should now be held about 3 inches from the end. Applying hair wax is a good idea. The wax will keep the strands in place.

2. The second step is to twist the hair to the right and lift it. This will have the ends pointing up. The effect will be that of a roll or a twist at the back of the head.

3. The twist should be firmer now so that it is tight. All this while, the ends have to be held with the left hand. The ends of the hair will now be sticking out of the top of the head.

4. Now, with the right hand, the sticking ends need to be folded towards the nape. The ends should now be below and under the twist.

5. Using the left hand to secure the twist, bobby pins should be pinned with the right hand. The pins need to be strategically placed so that they don´t show. They should also be facing upward. Ample number of pins should be used so that the entire arrangement is tight and secure.

6. Now that the hair at the back is done, it is time now to work on the locks that were left. The locks should now be brushed or combed and pulled towards the left. After the entire lock is secured, just over the left ear, it has to be secured with bobby pins. As before, an ample number of pins should be used and arranged in such a way that they don´t show. The locks should now be attached right above the left ear.

7. The final step is to apply a holding spray so that everything is in place.
The look will be that of a bun at the back and locks arranged over the left ear. To create that look, some loose strands should be left hanging just in front of the right ear. That is all. The perfect classic bridal updo hairstyle is ready.

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